Sal ti super stuck bearing help?

Hey guys, my axis Sal ti has this really stuck bearing, any advice on Getting it out?
I’ve tried a bunch of things for the past 30min or so and it has not budged at all


try putting it on the freezer for 30 mins, then try again.

only use pliers if you dont want to use that bearing again.

also its times like these that the YYR Bearing removal tool works where nothing else will. Every serious yoyoer should have one of these around.

If you told us what bunch of things you tried it might be easier to give you advice.

so yeah i got the bearing out, with a ton of work, but i noticed that i slightly dinged the inside wall of the titanium. ( i dont know how it did it) Would this affect play ability, should i try to get a polish kit for it?
Thanks guys

Depends on how bad the ding is. If t’s bad enough you can feel it with your finger then it may wear down or even break strings in play. If its just a little mark that you can’t feel then I wouldn’t worry about it.

well i have been playing with it for a wile now, and it did not break. I might just polish it down to be safe tho.

I wish I would have read this 15 minutes ago. The bearing on my shutter was stuck and I broke the yoyo, bearing, and YYF remover tool trying to get it out. There is a big scratch on the bearing seat now, and the tool is all bent. Is it really worth it to buy the YYR one? It seems a little expensive.

i really want it now too! ;D