Sakura SE---What are you thoughts?

Hi Guys, I just decided to pick up a Sakura SE by OneDrop. I thought I should try it because fits my likings. I’ve never used the Sakura by ILYY, so I don’t really know what to expect. What do you guys think about the Sakura SE? Just post your thoughts on it below, let me know if you happened to pick one up yourself!

I want one really bad.

Keep in mind this isn’t just a One Drop yo-yo, it is a true collaboration between the two companies.

That being said, the Sakura was one of my all time favorite ILYY designs.

The Sakura SE takes that design to the next level. Smooth play, ability to augment the feel and play with different Side Effects, a grind friendly surface… this thing is amazing. I have been throwing the heck out of it for the up coming High Speed YoYo review. Hopefully the Sakura will now get the love it deserves.

You have made me totally excited to get mine. What Colourway did you get?and what Side Effects do you like best in them? :wink:

Probably gonna pick one up. Just love side effects so much, and the Sakura is my favorite ILYY and played so nicely, seems like the perfect yoyo. Now to choose a color…

I got the “Hair Band” Colourway. It was either that or the Heartbreak Colourway.

Dark Dusk reminds me of clyw’s Yogi Edition.

Do the other OD side effects fit the Sakura SE? Based off of how it looks, I thought these SE’s were smaller than the spikes, domes, ultralights, dietz or lego side effects.

Bearing size?

size C, and they made special SE for it it looks like it the description

I have no money :frowning:

Well, yeah, it’s a C bearing. Which means all of the SEs will screw on. But the Sakura SE’s appear to be recessed in a ring that is fairly small. At first I thought only the Dietz or Lego SEs would fit in that ring.

I got the Broken Hearta colorway. Would have also likes a Cobalt.

I have played it with spikes, ultra lights, and stunt pegs… all aluminum. I like it best with the stock Side Effects.

The great thing about Side Effects are that they are standard across the board. If a yoyo is advertised as “Side Effect Compatible” then it can use ANY set of Side Effects on the market.

Comes stock with a C-Size One Drop 10-Ball

Except there is also some blue in there too.

Awesome! Just what I wanted to know. ;D

The SE’s on the Sakura were specially made to look like the little nipple that was inside the original Sakura by ILYY…pretty cool idea, and even cooler that OD tried to keep it looking the same :smiley:

Yeah, what you are seeing in the pics on One Drop’s page is just some crazy reflections. The Sakura Side Effects are super shiny. It is just like the picture in my signature. That is a close up of standard aluminum domes in a 54 but they look smaller because of the reflections on the side. Honestly I have tried it with almost every type of Spode Effect on the market. If I were playing it with something other than the stock Side Effects it would be one of the sets I listed above.


I got to try Mack’s pair at PNWR defiantly a stable throw and fits in my hand perfectly! They are so much fun to throw (even more in 3a)

Just ordered a melon I’m pumped for it