Sake Bomb Tutorial: Beginner Friendly


This is my first trick tutorial. I didn’t necessarily create this trick, I just pieced it together from various other tricks. I wanted to have a trick that was fairly compact in shape, fast, smooth, and easy to do. It is inspired from Hiroyuki Suzuki’s speed combo (hence the pinwheel and multiple mach mounts). He is Japanese, sake is Japanese, so I figured “Sake Bomb” would be a cool name for the trick. lol. :wink:

I personally feel like there aren’t enough speedy compact tricks for beginners. If you can land Kwijibo and Buddha’s Revenge, this should be cake for you.


Aweesoomme , i realllllly love this tricks . Fast , smooth , eye-catching and definetely crowd pleasing but i’ve gotta say , this looks more like a combo than a tricks to me but who’s care : 5 star ! :wink:


that trick is sexy! its perfect! fast, eli hopsish, simple, crowd pleaseing! THANKS!