Saint Eel


So I just got a brand new ILYY Saint Eel, and it keeps dying at the end of the string. Anyone know why?


How long does is sleep?


I haven’t timed it, but not even close to as long as my not-quite-beat YYF Boss.


And you just got it?


Half an hour ago. So yes, just got it.


I’m not sure. I’ve never had this happen to me. I would probably start by cleaning the bearing.


Is it responsive? Does it bind tight?


Unscrew it and give the bearing a finger flick test. It’s most likely a dirty bearing.

But man, enjoy that thing! St. Eels are awesome!


Thanks all who replied, I think it was just a case of needing to be broken in, because its sleep times are lengthening.


Did you know, that St. Eel stands for Steel, because the yoyo is steel? May seem obvious, but I didn’t known until PatrickCondon told me last year. I figured those crazy Germans thought Eels were saintly or something


Holy cow, I never noticed that…


Man of St. Eel