Sad Protostar story

i guess i was just unlucky :’(
some of u guys might remember how i ordered my protostar i couple days ago so heres the story:
Well it was a great day when i ordered my Protostar, so long story (shorter) I ordered it USPS priortiy mail witch had track and confirm. So i wake up this morning and check it and it said it was out for delivery,and right then the mail came so i look in the mailbox and hmm… letter,letter,junk,and more junk. so u can tell i was pissed but any way later on i called the Postal Service and i asked if i can come and pick it up from there and i told them that it said it was out for delivery and the lady said that if it said that it means that one of our trucks has your yoyo in it so i got happy again and go wait nothin,nothing,and nothing. pissed. look at the track and confirm ‘‘Your item has been delivered’’,almost fell out of my then i call Thye Police Force of Mail 8) and report missing package and they said they would notify me within 2 days. well i was upset but i guess the only good part is is that the person who delivered it is in trouble :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink: ;D. but still mad :frowning:

The things people will go through just to get a yo-yo …
(especially the ProtoStar!)

Sorry! I ended up giving my ProtoStar away because I lost my friends One-Drop Markmont. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mabe you’ll get something by Andre :wink:

Ahh, the US Postal Service at it’s finest.
Well it is Michigan, maybe you should move south to Ohio for better service… ::slight_smile:


It would’ve been funny if it was in the mailbox next to yours. :slight_smile:

sucks dude :o :-\

check to be safe… but that would be awesomely hillarious.

i am not sure what is going on, but i won a FH0 from string burn live a few weeks ago and i still have not gotten it. i emailed them and they are having trouble in the mail getting the terapin X bearing. Mail :frowning:

;D they found the house that had it, and now i got it! it is my new fav throw!! 8)

lol… Idk… I totaly agree with that statement, but I’ve had some tough times with Ohio mail too…

oh you found it… i was thinking that the mailman stole it :smiley:

Yay! I’m glad you got it and loved it! Also Andre is not responsible for what the US Postal Service does with the package.

Sorry that happened to you, and Im glad you found it.
I hope that doesn’t happen to me with my Protostar though. XD

It only happens sometimes when the mailman gets the packages mixed up. Don’t worry, it doesn’t happen very often. :wink:

Cool that you got it! I’ve lost so much stuff from USPS but mostly a supreme backpack and a bape.

Oh, I rarely lose stuff from the USPS. Well, just depends on how lucky you are!

I haven’t lost a thing yet! :slight_smile:

Aaaawwww… You’ll get it…

Cheer up! ;D


Neither have I! ;D