Hey guys, check out my new video for Yoyofficer!
I’m using a Kilter, which is a great yoyo for its price

Anyway, let me know what you guys think!

Best Regards,
Ryan Gee


Glad to see you with a cool company like YYO, Ryan.

Those tricks were unreal. It’s not just next-level for isolations, but next-next-level. :wink:

(UmeNagisa) #3

Literally SLAYYING the Iso game :smiley:




Thanks everyone!




You’re the talk down here in SD!
That video is definitely taking the community by surprise. Isolations are a rare occurrence, glad to see someone who is creative and not afraid to show something different!


Oh wow that’s cool!

On another topic, there’s a yoyo scene down in San Diego?


A little bit! We’ve got a club that meets every 2nd and 4th Saturday and most of us try to make it to BLC every year. Also, we’re close to General-Yo, and that’s always a lot of fun :slight_smile:


Amazing as always.


Great vid man! And sick tricks! Nice to see you there on the yyo team and bring going them your awesome and unique skills! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comments! :slight_smile:


Will you be at BLC?




I enjoyed your video and was glad to see you using the Kilter. Good luck with YYO. I hope both you and the company progress.


Sweet! Can’t wait ;D