RWBY fans here

so yeah fans of RWBY talk amongset ur self here

I have not seen it, but after looking into it and seeing that Rooster Teeth made it I’ll have to check it out.

i like it so much i use there songs to yoyo :slight_smile:

Yay another fan! I love all things Roosterteeth, but RWBY and RvB are amazing. But RWBY doesn’t come close to my love for RvB.

Does it stand for red, yellow, black, white?

I think I’ve heard of it on fb or something

Yea. Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and I forgot her name but it starts with a Y lol.
And they are color coded as well, Ruby is red, etc

Ahhh, those clever Japanese. With their color coded and color coordinated characters… Very clever indeed

It’s made by Rooster Teeth man…

Though to be fair when I first heard about it I assumed it was a regular old anime.

Ohhhh, ok… That makes sense…

Those clever texans :smiley:

I don’t like all Rooster Teeth, but RWBY is really really really really really good.

That would be Yang.

so someone made ruby roses weapon as agun in guncraft and that same person made a overside version of the scean with chease peices as a map so yeah

Sorry for the necro, but does this look like Blake’s (Black) logo. If it doesn’t impress RWBY fans who yoyo then I might as well smash it, because I need it to impress a RWBY fan who doesn’t yoyo.

omg tell me u didnt smash that i dont know blakes symbol by heart but if it looks like that picture the one above the pics of what u did then it looks just like it

wait is that a yoyo you made or is it a clay yoyo or is it a yoyo u painted or what cuz if u make these types of things often i kinda wanna oder a coustom one of somthing

That’s funny because weiss means white in German. Except it looks like this: weiß <-that last character is an S sound.

That is officially the awesome fact of the day!

No, I didn’t smash it. I’m going to put a clear coat on it.
Glad to hear it looks like a match! My brother is obsessed with the show and, well I like yoyos.

I just painted a butterfly with acrylic paint. Sorry no clay.

hey dreamer i pm’d u about a favor so answer asap plz

And ‘Schnee’ means ‘snow’ in German, as well.

The more you know.