i have heard about 3 rumors you guys might be interested in

  1. sOMETHING is doing a collab with turning point
    2)yoyofactory is coming out with a titanium throw
  2. expect a brand new yoyo from general yo with an all new shape that will leave you amazed…
  3. a yoyojam signature series that has gold (this might change becuse i only tryed the prototype)

I have heard about number 3

I have seen what could have been a #2 prototype

Is “general you” a new yoyo company, or what???

What is this “envolves” process you speak of???

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IKR! I am so liek eggcited dude!

sOMETHING must indeed be up. I’ve waiting a very long time for a yoyo with an all ne shape! Of the 3 rumors you’ve heard of, my favorite is number 4.