Ive heard that Red RTV gasket maker is able to be played with in 1 hour, is this true?
I might have gotten some bad silicone because it’s fell out within 5 hours of play even after a whole 24 hours of agony. If this is true, Im going to get it for sure. If not, what is the fastest drying silicone?

Did the red RTV masket fall out after 5 hours? If so, you might be applying it incorrectly.

If you apply correctly and let it cure for 24 hours (1 hour isn’t enough) no silicone should wear out after 5 hours.

I wasnt using gasket maker, I was using a weir unidentifed silicone

The “weird unidentified silicone” probably wasn’t made for high tempatures/friction. Go with red RTV.

Red hi-temp gasket maker. IMO one of the best silicons.
Found in your local freddies automotive section.

Gasket maker or flowable, Does gasket make require you to bust knuckles to break it in?

RTV lasts for years :slight_smile:

You’re kidding…right?