Rough 1A practice 1st take


yoyo used- 1st run yoyofactory G5

all original tricks and concepts.

-Air Circus- Ocean City, NJ

-much appreciation to the mod who cleaned up this post-


Thats some impressive stuff!


Thanks man, i appreciate that.


Can you please explain what you mean when you say “all original tricks and concepts”?

(SR) #5

I would like to know this as well. Also, I don’t understand why all the posts had to be deleted… that’s kind of censorship if you ask me. I don’t want to start it al over again, but I think the thread should’ve been preserved for all to see. His attitude toward the yoyoing community and yoyoing as a whole is unacceptable, and he shouldn’t be welcomed on these forums until he at the least apologizes.

Also a follow up to Link’s post… I too saw nothing orignal, and it all looked the same. It was much to repetitive, show some variety. You also had an attitude (for example, 0:14) during it which was just kind of a turn off. It just kinda made it seem like you thought you were all that and a bag of chips.


I understand and respect your opinions on that and that’s completely fine, your entitled to it. I yo-yo for fun on the side and at my job. I don’t care if it’s repetitive or not, that’s just my style, and i have more fun with fast flowing tricks. Why do I have to yo-yo like everyone else in the industry? Just because my style might not score as well as a bunch of repetitive boring string hits doesn’t mean I cant throw. and if this wasn’t shot from a phone you would see how it’s not the same trick and in fact very technical, I’ve been playing on and off for 8 years, im not new to yo-yoing. And im not going to apologize for something that doesn’t have just cause. It was a regrettable decision on my part to say i need a sponsor but i was just being blunt about it as I said. playing yo-yo isn’t my main hobby at all right now, it’s my job at work and something to mess with on and off on the side. Also if you guy’s would have read the title you would know this isn’t a serious video at all. But to me it’s not about impressing anyone. People that I know in the yo-yoing community will tell you that. I strayed away it for many years for this very reason. For some reason certain people feel they need to one up everyone one on everything. I submitted a first take of a very rough practice run just for the heck of it, and made an honest mistake by saying i “needed a sponsor”. I never expected such hate from something so little but that’s just life I guess. I don’t care how you guy’s feel about me honestly, I know enough great people in the yo-yoing community that know me as a person and know the type of person I am. You guy’s can label/judge me however you’d like, I could honestly care less.


Need to let go of the hate, people. Holy moly. It’s not a crime to have a thread cleaned up on a privately-owned forum. Now the cleaned up thread needs to be cleaned up. The original post with its request wasn’t even that awful… it made me blush a bit (“Wow, that takes brass!”) but it also wasn’t a crime.