Roo-Yo SV Ft

Specs and some history thanks to yoyowiki!

I have this Roo yo sv for trade. It’s in very good condition. I say very good because it doesn’t have the original kk or o-ring response system. When I received it, used, it had this flat bearing and the o-rings had been removed and the holes filled with silicone. I removed the silicone, planning on using friction stickers or getting the proper o-rings. Anno is nice, like new.

I have the original container that lists the size of kk and the size of o-rings and all the stats.

Just looking for a fair trade.

I like a variety of things I’d just prefer the yo be in close to mint condition and I’m not real big on flat rims.

Make an offer via pm please.


Looking to trade this for a nice metal.


Still looking for something interesting.

I appreciate all the offers so far.

Wow! A lot of questions about this Roo. Keep the questions coming.

I’m looking for a nice metal that doesn’t have flat edges. I’ll listen to any offer though.


Let’s bump this thread. It’s been a while.

Thanks for the offers so far. I should say in advance that I’m not a big fan of flat rimmed yoyos.

Willing to add some cash to get something interesting.

I’m not looking to sell.

Added a few thumbnails and some links to wiki for specs and company history.

Last bump. I’ve had some very fair offers and plan on choosing soon. If you have an offer, make it asap!