Rock_Thrower feedback

I was the one who got the Triton, and everything went smoothly. I did see after I initiated the transaction that there was some kind of issue in the past, although I don’t know the details, but everything went down just like any other normal transaction I’ve ever had. Communication was quick and the process was well-documented with pictures.


I also made a deal with @Rock_Thrower. He agreed to ship the yo-yo, after only receiving half of the amount initially agreed upon, and to wait until I finally picked it up for the remaining amount.

I just received the yo-yo today. The item arrived on time, was packaged well, and was exactly as described.


Deal done…made trade w/positive results…offered to mail 1st… no problem… will deal with again!.. A+


Good to hear. Were you the buyer, seller or was it a trade? Any details you can add about the transaction would be helpful.


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