road trip!!! Need to find somewhere!

hey guys and gals,

First i will apologize if this is the wrong section but i debated with myself on where to put it for a good five minutes and figured we would be alreight here. So me and a few friends are going up north to visit a buddy up in Des Plaines in the suburbs of Chicago this weekend and I was wondering if there were any good places we could stop at to buy some throws anywhere near there. If anyone knows any good places to check out up there feel free to chime in!

Anyone from the Chicago area got anywhere??

Well, there’s the Sacramento Horror Film Festival October 20th through 23rd, 2011, but you’d have to have left a few days ago if you’re road tripping it. Not a good destination at this point in time as you won’t get there in time unless you fly.

I mention this event because I do sound and production for it.

No offense but that means nothing to me? I asked for places around Chicago and, the last time i looked at a map Sacramento was nowhere close to Chicago lol. I could be wrong though, stranger things have happened…

Hey, you didn’t specify exactly what was or wasn’t off-limits.

You wanted a location, I provided one! Detour!

I did specify, in my original post, I said I was going up to Chicago and asked if there were any good places “near there” as quoted by myself. Sacramento is nowhere near there so I’m confused as to how that pertains to this topic at all?

Depends on your definition of “near…”

There is a yoyo store in singapore thats really nice. Lots of great throwers hang out there too.

Hey noskillz

I am in central Iowa and I am afraid I can’t be of much help to you either, but with guys throwing Sacramento and Singapore out there I guess you’ve got all the help you need. geez.

(If you find a spot around the Windy City let us know. I can tell you the greater Des Moines metro area ain’t got nothin’!)

Yeah I might as well forget Chicago when I could just drive across the country for a yo yo store while gas is 3.40 a gallon that’s no big deal. Thanks for at least attempting to contribute to this thread. Well be up in the city all day today so if I come across something ill let ya know!!