Riverside Yoyo meet 4-28-2013

It has come to my attention there are quite a few yoyoers here in the Riverside Ca area. So I figured we should get somewhat of an organized club started… It would be easer for us to have events, meets etc… I also made a Facebook page, “Riverside Yoyo community”.


Let me know if that link only works for moble. Or not at all, currently I only have my iPhone for Internet access.

NEW MEET UP Sunday April 28th at 12:00 pm!!! I’m unsure weather the Riverside Plaza is a good place or if we should have it at Harrison park?? Let me know guys!

Adam N.


i say anywhere in the inland empire. i can help start up this club. ive been trying to find some ppl to yoyo with. i can look around for places


Tried to join. It says my approval is pending. I’m in Riverside county.

Nice nice I would love to get it going here to. What part of riverside are you in?

I’m sorry I have no idea how to manage the group hahaha umm once I figure out how to add you I will

Ill support it.
Long as im available on meet days

Cool. Looks like you figured it out because it says I’m in.

Now if I can remember to actually check it… :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have a Facebook.

bump ::slight_smile:

Yoyo meet Sunday the 28th at Harrison Park or the Riverside Plaza. Not sure which yet!