Rising players

So which yoyo players do you think will be a force to recon with in a year or two?

Zach Gustafson https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxHjEU5siUaOgQpUxy1qPDg

Just watch some of hise videos its ridiculouse

and this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dRnZ_YVXjo&list=UUVlu80-ZEDFopNyzADqA5yg

The first 17 seconds of that video is like a game of flappy bird.

Yea :smiley:

I could see Zach gormley being a force to reckon with pretty soon. If you haven’t heard of him, you should check out some of his videos. He’s not too bad.

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Pretty sure Zach Gormley is already an important and influential player… <_<

I guess if you consider winning nationals influential. I mean, it’s not like it’s difficult or anything.

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Daniel Kim maybe… Lol

Ky Zizan, but I don’t think hes rising so much as he has risen.

lys stuff is simply out of this world, its like he flies double dragons to space and creates crazy slack tricks in zero gravity

i can see Tessa piccillo rocking it very soon.

Takeshi went from placing like 10th/9th in 2010/2012 to 2nd in 2014 so i dunno

I think rising players is more like people who we see potential in. Takeshi HAS risen to 2nd in worlds, he is not rising; we all know who he is. Rising players would be more like those people who have not been throwing for such a long time. players that are placing low which we still know about would not be considered rising to me (like Paul Dang; he doesn’t place high in contests, but he is pretty much famous and super awesome, but he wouldn’t be considered a rising player). In the case of Ky Zizan, he has already risen so he would not belong in the topic of this thread (to me).

Remember - who do we see potential in creatively, contest wise, or even yoyo company wise.

Yuuki Spencer

A lot of the people mentioned seem to already be famous?

They’re just trolling. Some of em at least. Ah I forgot, Jensen Kimmitt seems to be a rising player lol

Me? I only yoyoed for 2 years. JK ;D

Dennis Cinquegrani.

Michael Stecz for 1a and Chris Chunn for 4a