RIP Troy Talbot

Troy Talbot died today. May he rest in peace.

From what I know, he was in a terrible car accident that put him into a coma a couple of weeks ago. This morning, he was found dead in his sleep.

I don’t know much about him, but I believe he was the owner of Sorry Yoyos? (Please correct me if I am wrong).

I have heard his name many times, I love his company’s throws, and I know how much he has done for the yoyo community.

Too young, was he, to die this day. RIP Troy Talbot; you will be missed.

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That’s so sad :’(

Hopefully Sorry Yoyos will still stay successful and do well


Troy was an awesome guy. Its so sad to see him go


I hear that Joe Rogan, Noel Kunz, Sebby Brock, Sean Perez, and Bryan Jardin are all working to help out with keeping them going.

I don’t know what to say so I’ll just post these very words I’m typing director from my mind with little thought. I got nothing…

RIP, the yoyo community has lost some great members.

So very saddening to hear.

the last couple of months we have lost some key members… this should only help us look forward to add more into the ranks…

Rest in peace you will be missed

This is terrible. :frowning: Rip.

I’ve been throwing my Ratchet all day as kinda a way to honor the legacy that Troy left with us :’(

I have been eyeing the ratchet, probably going to get one now because of this, RIP :’(

A tragic loss. RIP :’(

I have no idea who this guy was but its alway’s sad to lose a fellow thrower :frowning: RIP

Every word becomes empty in a circumstance so sad.
Hugs to all his loved ones, even if they are a