Ringmaster reviewish

This is my first review so it may be a bit sketchy, but here goes.

The ringmaster is a pretty well rounded through.  Upon first looks, it is pretty nice.  At first the color turned me off, but in person it is pretty nice.  I didn't know that it came with a small bearing already in it, and a large bearing as a replacement, so that was a nice surprise.  The shape is very comfortable in the hands.  It is great for 1A, though I had some problems with keeping it straight but it might just be me.  The throw is an amazing 5A player as well.  The weight rings are just the right size so that they add some good weight, bringing it to a nice 65.86 grams.  They are also not to large that they hurt on a bad through.  Over all, I think it is a great throw well worth the money.  

I hope this review was useful.

Nice review! I just have a few questions; when you said that the yoyo was hard to keep straight in 1a, does that mean like unstable, or hard to keep a straight throw? also, is it vibey, smooth, somewhere in between? Fast, slow? floaty, solid? This review pretty much made me want this yoyo (love the shape, love the yoyo it was based on… this was the last straw). Thanks for this review!

I don’t mean that it is unstable, it is actually pretty stable. And I would say that it is somewhere in between as far as smoothness goes. It isn’t really slow, but not super speedy, but that might just be me.