Riding solo

This is a vid i made today.comments and constructive critisism is appriciated.


Waring:some minor language

what the ??? why did you go through your house with a shotgun?? haha why did u start punching the air??? haha . good tricks tho. hahahahahaha

im sorry but i was watching icarly in the background the whole time. ^.^ jk but really you should have more yoyoing in a yoyo video and not you running around with a toy gun. GJ tho

it was alright

:-\ you shouldnt put clips in were you mess up the tricks makes it look sorta sloopy with no effort put into it and the punching the air ??? the gun ???


try more yoyoing instead of cramming “cool kid stuff” in. Punching the air? Airsoft gun? Seriously?

i made a long thead about this.
Put more effort into your video, make your tricks presentable, have some interesting backgrounds.
Sorry but this was honestly bad.

What’s with the gun and wasting the video running around your house, and then doing some yoyoing, then punching the air? It was OK, but I would spend some time making some different scenes outside and stuff, and more yoyoing. Nice tricks though.

just yoyo in ur video dont try to act all cool with the gun and stuff.

Hahaha.i wasnt trying to act cool.But its whatever.Its called riding solo.It was supposed to represent the song but then it got removed by youtube so i had to ad a new song.There was a lot of effort put into this.Its just the themes of the vid but i guess others didnt see it that way.Ill try to do better next time

  Thanks much,

And p.s to patrick,Please we arent on speaking terms and we arent great friends and anytime we talk you trash me so please dont post on my vids saying “wack” or any of YOUR “cool kid terms” on my thread.But i did apprieciate the help and thanks everyone

Yeah, I thought it was good. But if you did some “cool” themes outside, that would also make it a lot better.

i liked the gun part (it reminded me of HALO)

the best trick it there that was done well was probably the part where you did the boing e boing

And since you would appreciate some stuff, just try to make your combos smoother. I’m not trying or wanting to be mean.