Rewind Help

:’( hey, i have been trying to do rewing but i cant do the reverse double or nothing, any help? pleeaasseee help, i really want to learn it! thanks

what are you having problems with? Please be a little more specific.

I dont get how to do the part after the first double or nothing (Reverse double or nothing), i just cant do it, it starts unwrapping all the way around

okay, after throwing the DON, you pop it off the string and go backwards to “rewind.” Do you block the string with your middle finger and catch it like a DON and bro? I think that in the YYE videos he teaches that trick kinda weird (and in my opinion, wrong).

from the beginning of the trick, you go trapeze, pop it off the back into a trapeze and bro. Then go into a double or nothing, then do the same thing as before. Pop it off the back and block the string with your middle into a psudo-DON and bro type thing. Then go into a triple or nothing and dismount.

(i know my instructions kinda stink, so here’s a video. Is this what you trying to do?)