Reward if Found: T.A.'s Dream Shutter

I’ve been trying to track down this specific Shutter since Worlds 2014. I figured I’d put a feeler out and see if anyone knows who has it. It’s a 1/1 Shutter, in premium splash, YoyoExpert colors, with skull and crossbones engraved on the front.

One finder can collect a $50 gift certificate to YYE reward if 4 criteria are met:

  1. The yo-yo is found in mint condition
  2. The owner agrees to sell the yo-yo to T.A.
  3. T.A. buys and receives the yo-yo in agreed upon condition; and
  4. You are the first finder to lead me to the yo-yo that results in a sale (to me).

I might accept the yo-yo in less than mint condition, but it depends on the circumstances. A non-mint dream Shutter, if I buy it, gets the first finder a $25 reward instead (as long as criteria 2 through 4 are met).

The YoyoExpert Editions are looking for their lost family member. Can you help find him?

As an added bonus, if you are allowed to collect the reward for the mint Shutter only, you will have the option to opt out of the $50 certificate reward, and choose one throw from a short list of metal yo-yos selected from the T.A. collection.

A photo of the dream Shutter is in this photo from @YoyoFactory Instagram (left, in red black and clear)

“Word to your mother, help find a Shutter.” -T.A. 8)

Bump for the Shutter,
That makes my heart flutter,
And when I play it,
It’s smooth just like butter.

This is the Shutter that I see in my dreams,
I have some other Shutters, now about fifteen.
But this color Shutter is the prettiest I’ve seen,
First, saw it on Instagram through my Iphone screen.
I still think it looks great, after over 12 months,
So I made a BST, and now it’s time for a bump.
It’s about time, I should have done this before,
Posted up about the Shutter, and offered a reward.

Roses are red and violets are blue,
Can’t get you out my head, what else can I do?
Sometimes I start to stutter, why should I have to wait?
You are my dream Shutter, and I’m a basket case.
Sometimes I’m sad, sometimes I’m disheartened,
Picturing my rare yo-yo on the back of milk cartons.
Every single day, off the top in a zone,
Until you find your way, right here, and you’re home.


Off the top…

One day I’ll play you, pick knots from your strings,
I hope to find you without flat spots and dings.

Dream Shutter I’m blue, I can’t make it alone,
I promise you lube, and a case filled with foam.

Oh Shutter, there’s no other, wish that you were here,
Why not have another, in red black and clear,

Whenever I find you, 'til you’re here at last,
Then it will be time to…feel on your blast. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

For art thou Shutter, will I see you at last?
Red black and clear, in your premium splash.

I should have bought you, I’m back, and so sorry,
I promise you Kitty Strings, black, made of poly’.

I’m starting to worry about you TA, though I agree those are some nice looking spashes. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah, someone is out there, now I’m amazed,
T.A. needs the yo-yo, for that I am crazed?

You should be worried, what can I say?
I’d respond in a hurry, but one bump a day.

I must find dream Shutter, to heck with rules,
'til that time comes, things will never be cool.

So, worry even more, read more if you’re bored,
Find that dream Shutter and claim the reward.

Until that time, I don’t need much pity,
If I don’t get the Shutter, I might not want ANY.

I might be crushed, how could I make it?
No dream Shutter, when there’s no replacement.

How long will this last, how can I take it?
Someone else playing Shutter, and doing the Matrix.

Now, there’s a bounty, it might seem overzealous,
Today you’re worried about me, the same as being jealous. :wink:

My forum fellow TA,
while your poems amaze,
your seach for that shutter
will be like searching a maze!

Keep dreaming and searching,
be sure not to fret.
Continuing to bump here,
will be your best bet!


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It’s time to bump the thread, cause it fell to page four,
I have a great idea, maybe they should make more. ;D

And, that’s no joke, it’s not such a strange notion,
So I don’t have to post, this silly range of emotions.

I want one of these throws, bad, even if you don’t,
I’m positive today though, I refuse to lose hope.

I missed the throw before, now I’m feeling like a dummy,
Just claim the reward, I bet you could use the money. :wink:

Off the top…

I will look for this throw, whenever it seems feasible,
Maybe it will show up at Northeast Regionals.

That would be a fun day, if we meet up one day,
Especially, if that one day is tomorrow, this Sunday.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be all set,
Watching freestyles, front row at the contest.

It’s been a long Summer, now I’m made to wonder,
What rock are you under, who has my favorite Shutter.

Some will look for Shutter, but others will ignore me,
When I haven’t seen the Shutter, since two thousand fourteen.

Wherever you are Shutter, I will find you,
Take time to, love you like the McDonald’s drive-thru. :smiley:

(Best love song I ever wrote) 8)

NER was cool, and when I went this time,
I didn’t find you, but I met Gentry Stein.

We didn’t talk but much, but he was so impressed when,
I showed him some stuff, from my Shutter collection.

That was so nice, cause he’s the best on the scene,
And I liked that he remembered when he tested my Dream. :wink:

I spend the money that I earn on throws out of habit,
And give money to the one with side burns and Dark Magic. :smiley:

The best at selling throws, and you might as well face it,
Cause he’s yo-yo famous, and you know he’s my favorite!

Shutter love song:

For the one, and still caring,
In your hub, I am staring,
Fun thoughts of preparing,
Some lube for your bearing.

It is a shielded center trac,
Strong feelings as we interact.

Just for you, a better home,
If you’re new, and never thrown.
I have no shame, in my thoughts,
of Splash Games and spinning shots. :-*