RevYOlution Kahiji YoYo Review.


RevYOlution Kahiji YoYo Review.

I have my dreams of making a yoyo, and I still won’t give up my dreams. Somewhere along the way, I heard my fellow yoyoer have made a yoyo, and I don’t even hesitate to get one.
His nice guy, I’ve met him several times, he thought me many things I should know to make a yoyo. Last time I met him, I try the second prototype, and although it’s too light, I’m in love with it, it’s has great stability. He also had the third prototype with him, but it’s unplayable because of the silicone response ha peeled off. When he tells me he would have some pre production, I’m immediately ordered mine.
When I finally got mine, I was pumped with excitement. I wasn’t expecting any packaging for this yoyo, but my friend made one. It comes on a neat little black box with kahiji spelled on an old sundanese letters written on it, and a RevYOlution logo on the back. I like that.
Anyway, about the name, ‘kahiji’ mean ‘the first’ in Indonesian sundanese dialect. Pretty much because this is the first yoyo from RevYOlution.

First Impression

My friend told me that the design influence of the kahiji is an Hspin NVx and Adegle Sandglass. Thus make the kahiji have distinct bell shape.
This yoyo itself look simple, there’s nothing on the cup area, no spike or hub, no drastic cut. Similar to yoyorecreation’s yoyo.
There’s no finish on this yoyo, its raw aluminum, I can’t expect more, and it’s a pre production after all.
This yoyo look great, what I really look forward to is the low response wall on this yoyo, as low as it could be. This can result to minimum friction between the yoyo and the string.
There’s some flat area on the rims. Thus decrease the effective width for catch zone. There’s nothing wrong about it, I’m just a total fan of a ‘max width catch zone’ yoyo, like the genesis or severe.

Diameter = 56 mm
Width = 39 mm
Weight = 66 gram
Gap Width = 4,8 mm

Comfort and Tech

The shape of the yoyo need some time to get use to. On the hand, my middle finger really stuck on the catch are, when both rims resting on my palm. Not really matter for me, because I so familiar with genesis like shape. But people that used to more rounded yoyo like the 888 might find this a problem. Some of my friend who tries it couldn’t get a straight throw on their first try.
On the response area, Bearing is a regular C-size bearing, mine has a good amount of spin time. Stock response system on the kahiji is flow able silicone . I don’t know what else to say, the response and bearing seat area is something familiar to found on any metal yoyo today.

On The Throw

I have very fun time throwing the kahiji. At the first throw, this yoyo feels heavy, and move slowly. But when I try to push it faster, it follows, without loosing stability. I can go as fast as I want, and I feel that it can be pushed faster, beyond what I can handle. Also, something I notice is that this yoyo would feel somewhat heavy on any range of speed, making me feel little more stress on my string make me aware where the yoyo is on any movement. And other thing, I feel this yoyo has some ridiculous agility despite the weight it’s carrying, it move just with the slightest movement , and sometimes when it move, it’s like move on it’s own. Is this good or bad? I can’t tell for sure.
I mean when I maneuver the yoyo and I miss the string, the yoyo still keep going on its track and I need some time to regain my control over the yoyo. Its not uncontrollable nor stressful, just different character on this yoyo I guess.
Stability is great, I don’t know how to put this. The most stable yoyo I know is the genesis, and the kahiji almost come in par with it. Sometimes, it’s amazingly refused to tilt. It surprises me when I complete my longest combo with ease, and the yoyo still on its upright position. It handles sideways (horizontal/vertax) tricks pretty nicely.
Unfortunately, this yoyo is less forgiving on a bad throw, when I throw the yoyo at an angle; it will stay on that state forever unless I fix it. I guess its ability to stay upright also make it able to held it’s angled state when spinning.
Suicide loop is widely open, because the low response wall, thus making less friction with the string. For me, this is the easiest yoyo to do suicide tricks on.
I can’t talk about grind, because the pre production version I have with me is raw aluminum with no anno or grind finish.
I forgot to mention, at first throw my kahiji has some vibe, not much to notice when it’s spinning, but there’s some on finger test. I try to center the axel and the vibe gone. I guess it’s just the axel then.

Final Thought
I dare to say the kahiji is a superb yoyo, it has all it needs to be great playing yoyo. Spin time, stability, it’s all meet the modern yoyo standard. I have very little issue with this yoyo.
For a first release by RevYOlution, this yoyo is sure to leave it’s mark. I’m really look forward to the production version of the yoyo.

Comparison With The Genesis by YoyoFactory

(PutridNebula) #2

Good Job, very enjoyable review, what is the price point of this? Any idea when a Production run might be yet?


thanks man.
i don’t really know about the price point of the production run, but i guess it will be 60-80$, i dont know.
he said it won’t be long… :slight_smile: