Review | The String Theory YoYos Orion by

I try to be very careful with my review units. Sometimes the yo-yo is destined to ship off to another review or back to the manufacturer, so I make a deliberate attempt at not harming the review unit yo-yo companies send to me. For the yoyos I end up keeping, I like having a nice clean yo-yo for my shelf. So this week I am running the new String Theory Yo-Yo Orion through my play session and my cat decides that he needs more attention than the yo-yo. Hs proceeded to wine loudly and do circles through my legs. Apparently he did not being ignored because he got onto the back of the couch, and launched himself what must have been six feet directly into a Candy Rain combination. Immediately I went into juggling mode as I maneuver the string configuration past slashing claws and hooked legs. In the end the cat was in my hands and the yo-yo was bouncing on the slate tile floor. My cat, now having archived the goal of capturing my attention, decided he didn’t really want it and spent the remainder of the day in my daughters lap. Luckily, this was in the middle of my review week and the “After Cat” play still lined up to the “Before Cat” performance.