Review on Eetsit?


Looking for some info…

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Don’t waste your money!

To actually be helpful:

The response is super outdated. They tend to have bearing seat issues that with a centering bearing they’re fine. Old school anti-yos are typically vibey. To find a smooth one is very tough. So more then likely whatever your receiving will have a vibe. With tuning I’m sure you can reduce it to a slight vibe. They have a sold feeling on the string too. The only positive thing i can say about them is that the colors and blast are really nice. Besides that its just a nostalgic yoyo that is mainly a collectors piece.


Too late!

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may you be blessed then! haha


But it’s custom ano’d…How rare are they?

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Meh they aren’t as rare as everyone thinks. I think there like 500 made. How much do you pay?


Traded a Levi 2

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Meh performance wise the leviathan is probably going to be better. What color is it anodized? The original colors are more desirable


JasonWong ano’ed. Look at the bottom of his BST…it should be there.


Old Anti-Yo plays great. Problem is you have to know how to play with a yoyo to get it to perform well.
wonder why its turned into a “collectors piece”… hmm…


There are 400 Eetsits and 400 Bapezillas.


I’d say that’s a good deal. Levithans don’t move too easily. Plus they play like rocks. I would think you’ll have better luck getting rid of the Eet (should you be so inclined) than you did with the Levi2.


Have you ever owned one or are you basing that on what you’ve seen on the forums? to me they played very nicely. The issue was the string snagging issue. Yes, that was a major issue w/them but they were good if you got that fixed.

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I’ve owned both a Bape and an Eetsit…Thats all from my personal experience owning and trying them.