Review of mlewis38's 100 poly string

Mlewis38 is a great guy who sent me some really sweet string, so I figured the least I could do is review it so he can get some feedback :slight_smile:

First off its 100% poly and he makes some really sweet custom colors. He sent me three types of string, his thin string, his thick string and his whippy string, so I reviewed all 3.

Whippy string: Rated out of 10 Slacks- this is a really great slack string, strong, fast and amazing slacks! It’s pretty easy to pinch, it doesn’t slide through the fingers very easily and it really moves fast. 9/10
String Tricks- string tricks are really sped up with this string. In fact if you combine it with a faster yoyo, you really can see a difference in your speed and accuracy. Does well with intricate string tricks, sometimes tangles when string tension is too great, but for the most part plays really well. 8/10
Suicides- this is really the only area that I think needs improvement. The string is wound a little too tight causing the string to tighten really easily as opposed to opening up for a suicide. But as long as you pay attention to string tension you can still do all types of suicides. 6/10
Whips- Whips are fairly easy with this string, but you have to make sure your movements are precise. It’s not necessarily easier or more difficult to whip with this string, but the precision requirements will make you a much better whipper when using other string. Overall pretty excellent. 8/10
Durability- this string really lasts a long time and breaks in quick. I haven’t had enough time to see the effect it has on my response systems, but so far it hasn’t burned through pads. It lasts a long time in fact I haven’t even changed this string yet and it’s been almost a week where I usually change it once a day. 8/10
Thin string: Rated out of 10
Slacks- Excellent like the others! This string really opens up the slack for you it’s awesome, and really fast! 8/10
String Tricks- helps me really speed up my string tricks that otherwise look slower like spirit bomb. Stays tight for the most part, except if you don’t pay attention to string tension. 7/10
Suicides- I had to pay a lot of attention to string tension with it being this thin and all. If I forgot to adjust my string after a few minutes of play I found suicides of all types were a little more difficult for me than usual, it just is a bit difficult to open up that gap. 6/10
Whips- For the most part this string really whips well, I expected it to be fast, but I almost don’t even see it sometimes. It almost looks like it disappears which makes fast whip to triangle tricks really cool looking. I also had to pay attention to string tension, like I said it can get twisted easily. 7/10
Durability- Pretty long lasting, doesn’t fray too easily. 7/10

Thick string: Rated out of 10
Slacks- Once again great slack string, it’s not quite as fast as the other two but you really get perfect slacks from it. 9/10
String tricks- I really like how fast this string is too, it really makes a difference compared to my yye string. Not only is it easy to maneuver but it’s not too rough on your hands and response.
Suicides- of all the strings the thick is definitely the best for suicides. It really opens up for a nice catch surface, but only when the string is in nice new condition. (see durability for details). 7/10
Whips- this was also my favorite whipping string, in fact it really allowed me to throw loops with ease. 8/10
Durability- long lasting in a sense that it won’t break easily at all, but after you break in the string for a day or so it starts to develop strong string tension, making easy whips and suicides more difficult. 8/10

Overall my favorite of the three is the thick string. I really enjoyed everything about these strings including the speed, durability and precision. However the only real complaint I have about all 3 types is the string tension. They were all wound a bit too tight making it more difficult to throw whips and suicides especially. Besides that these strings are made very well, a ton of fun, and really help me speed up my combos! Also one thing I forgot to mention is the colors! Mlewis38 has some really sweet color combos, especially his twisted colors!