biggrob10's String

A while back I promised to write up a little review for Biggrob10's string. We had ourselves a throw down, and part of it was that we would counter compare each other’s strings alongside our own. Thus compare and review. I apologize this didn't come out sooner. But budget cuts throughout the state make my job even crazier than usual. Nevertheless I have some time to jot down my thoughts, and personally I hope people will ask questions about any thoughts that I miss.
Now then if you’re open to some very high class string then check out this fine individual. The thing that I must first point out is that his 100% polies are not serger poly. They are a much higher quality thread type. I'll leave it to Rob to divulge how much he wants about the stuff, but I use something similar when I really want to go all out on a string. I don't sell many of these, because I am yet to find a way to do it efficiently. What does this particular type of poly do you ask? It's almost like a cheat code for whips. You get that air cutting reaction that comes from strings like alchemy strings, or some of personal string twisters, but here's the kicker the tension doesn't feel any tighter than standard serger poly, or basic polys like you find here at YYE. I suppose I should say that it doesn't have to be tighter. With customs you really can go both directions. 

With tension in mind I like biggrobs approach. I’d say he’s about 10 or less cranks over what I crank which in a per foot ratio is only about 1 rotation. For me it felt a little tight, but as far as my experience has been the tension is bound to go slightly up and down depending on mood, and trick styles. The reason that I say this is that biggrob10 told me that he started making string while working on whip tricks this tension is aimed at highly whipping tricks. While slack is still very manageable. In case you think this is me being critical, it’s not I am in a mood were I like slack and suicide play and, I’m simply expressing that I felt this string was good at slack even though it seemed to have a greater emphasis on whips. Final note for any that I have lost this string has excellent tension, and can be used by all types of players, but if you look at it carefully you can see that its maker had a specific end in mind while making it.
Now on to what every string buyer thinks is the absolute most important feature of the string ever… or so it sometimes feels. The color of the string. The colors that biggrob uses are way awesome his selection of string is quite careful, or just really good either way you’ll love it. Nuff said.
One last thought I also got to try metalic stuff that is much better than what I was using. That’s really all I can say about it. It was better in just about every way. Considering I am pretty much out of metalic thread I would just refer you to people like bigrob for any metalic strings.
In conclusion if you’re looking for a custom string maker who uses high end material and really knows what the heck he’s doing. Biggrob10 is your guy.

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Thank You kindly Sir, Appreciate the review. Next I gotta take some pics of the string and get a Facebook Page for it ;D

Yep! Just make sure you pace yourself. If you make to many at one you might get burned out.