Biggrob10's "It's just a string" - A XminusmikeX review

Biggrob10’s “It’s just a string” review

Ok, so I’ve kind of slacked on this review but I have finely found the time to wright this out (Sorry for the delay Rob) Rob and I recently did some business, he bought one of my modded FHZ’s and with his payment he sent me a few of his new strings. One pack of 100% Poly Thin, one pack of 100% Poly Thick, and one pack of 50/50 Poly-Nylon. At first glance they looked awesome. Nice bright colors and what looked like a nice tight spin on the string itself. Rob also left the string w/o a slipknot on the end and made them nice and long for the taller guys/gals.

100% Poly Thin: What can I say, I loved it. Perfect for 1A and/or 5A. This string held its own with every whip, slack, and suicide I through at it. It also held its tension very well. All around a great string.

100% Poly Thick: As far as play, it played just like the Thin but do to the fact that I play A LOT of small gaped and A-sized bearing yoyo’s it caused them to play a little on the grabby side. So for me this wasn’t as great as the Thin, but still held its own. What I did love this string for was 4A. It made playing larger gaped 4A throws a breeze.

50/50 Poly-Nylon: Ok, this part, is 100% my opinion and should not be taken as fact…I’m not a fan of ANY Nylon based or blended string. It had a feel like a soft Alchemy String and that is one string that doesn’t play nice with me. The string is very soft, whips/slacks nice, and holds tension just like the others. Its just not the string for me.

As a whole, these are all very well made strings and would suggest giving them all a try. Also, the longevity of these strings are AMAZING!!! I tested every one of these string with yoyo’s I know are known for eating string and they held up for a good week, if not longer…and as seen below, the packets the string came in were pretty rad too.

Hey No Problem on the delay, it’s here and you did it, More then what I can say for some Others the Got some of my String for a Review. I guess they just wanted free string, lol it’s all good. Anyway Thank You, this is one of the Better Reviews Ive gotten and the better part is you took some pics of my Art Work on all the Packaging, Thank You and Much Appreciated

^^^^kinda unrelated, but how did you get the ant and the bowing emoticon?

just link a GIF and it should show up

actually their both .gifs and I posted them with [ img][/img] thing each separate and I also had the http shrunk to make smaller so it takes up less space

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