Review - Fixed Axle February 2024

It was an Honor for the Yoyo Boomers Club to take on the challenge of hosting this online event!

With Fixed Axel February coming to a close in a couple days, we would like to get the communities feedback.

  1. What did we do well?

  2. What were some of our shortcomings? What can we do better?

  3. What would you like to see if the Yoyo Boomers have the privilege of running this event next year or other Online events.

  4. What did you enjoy most from this event?

Again, I would be remiss if I didnt thank the Gentlemen behind the scenes and infront of the camera for this event. As well as the Sponsors for the products they generously donated to a 5 month old club. THANK YOU

  1. You did the whole thing well, and the trick list was really well with more basic tricks at the beginning, and week four is really pushing m in a good way. Thank you so much for putting this thing together! It was loads of fun
  2. Umm nothing really everything was well balanced and I loved the guest trick idea!
  3. I would say more prizes, but only because I haven’t won one yet :sweat_smile: maybe more detailed tutorials for some of the tricks? :man_shrugging: idk
  4. My favorite part was learning a bunch of fun exciting and Unuique tricks and a whole new style! And challenging myself to learn a new style, and the prizes are great motivations!
    (In not a pro so idk a ton about this, so my feedback might not be the best, but I personally absolutely loved this a ton and I can’t wait for it next year.)

@HappyYoyoer I liked all of what you put down here. On point 3 I’d like to add just a small opinion. Tutorials are hard. Sometimes even the best ones can still be hard to follow, essentially if you don’t even yet understand some of the underlying fundamentals. Part of what I really like seeing is separate conversations opening up between people who then get to know one another a little better while helping someone with something they’ve been having trouble with. Then you see others come in and give suggestions… and after a while the OP comes back super excited having nailed the trick, and thanking so and so for the one tip that made all the difference. It has been the absolute best to see so many people grab hold of this bull for the first time and just parade it all over town. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Just my 2 cents. I was around when the idea of taking this on came up. At that time the Club itself was only months old, and it was only weeks before the beginning of February. First off, there was absolutely no hesitation at taking this on. In fact: it’s not like someone approached the Club and said “hey! Why don’t yous people host the February thing?” In fact I think the conversation was that there was no host this year…the immediate response was…why don’t we do it?? From that point, the excitement only mounted. It really did become a blur of action organizing everything. I mean…no one needs me to see the Sponsors involved, the Celebs who got involved, all the videos, and let’s not forget…there have been some insanely amazing prizes and there are still more to come. If you’ve never given any thought to what it actually takes to make all of that happen…take a minute and try. Now I bet you missed 100 things or more. I think that the fact that all of you guys just volunteered your “free :roll_eyes:” time to orchestrate all of this at an extremely short notice with pretty much no direction to start out, is amazing enough. But under those circumstances to be able to pull it together the way you did has very literally kept my head spinning. Project Management is something my wife excels at so I’ve learned much about the things that no one ever thinks of. That’s my take and all I can say is…if this is all you can come up with when you have 2 whole weeks of notice…you might as well give up now. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This has been a blast, thanks everyone involved!
Awesome to have so many sponsors involved, celebs active in the forum, and everyone in the forum just having fun.

For next year, freestyles would be awesome but I’m not complaining about the lack of this year, I know this came up at the start of the month.

Also regarding merch, with conversion rates and postage I’m unlikely to buy a sticker pack but I would be ok with buying a digital download of a zip full of svg files. I have access to a Cricut Maker machine. Just throwing it out there


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This is something I’ve been toying with in the back of my head, but I have to figure out a good way to price such files and some kind of usage license to prevent people from unauthorized use/selling the designs on their own.

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In general as long as the description is free from ambiguity then you should be good. Confirming my intention to buy and pay online counts as a contract of sale and my recognition of your intellectual property.

If you say upfront that by agreeing to purchase I agree to not sell or profit then that’s enough, if you said DRM free then I could print and sell stuff for profit.

Pricing would probably be based on effort/reputation of the artists involved. ie Higby art would definitely have it’s own price bracket, and you may not be able sell images using butterfly art scraped from an online library.

Things might be a bit different on your side of the pond, but not too much

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Idk if this will help, but check out this site

I was following this person since they came up with the idea on Reddit and has always had these digital files free to download. This site only launched because the demand was much greater than he could provide on Reddit, having to track orders and requests and whatnot

Here is a little Data from the Fixed Axle February 2024 Event

Fixed Axle February 2024
Views Replies Users Likes New/Returning Total Submissions
Week 1 2,900 649 82 2,900 12 14.6% 65 79.3%
Week 2 2,000 226 59 1,600 0 0.0% 43 72.9%
Week 3 1,500 148 50 1,500 1 2.0% 42 84.0%
Week 4 1,100 112 50 858 0 0.0% 38 76.0%
Total 7,500 1,135 72 6,858 13 18% 188 78.0%

Really enjoyed the past month, initially wanted to pull a “Lent” and not touch any bearing yoyos but I failed :smiley:

But I did mostly throw fixie and it took me down a rabbit hole, a trip back to when I was a kid buying up Duncan fixies. I’m just mind boggled that for how long fixed axle has been around, the stuff we are doing today is a fairly recent development.

Tricks felt balanced, had enough is each week that there were some that were like “yeah! I can do that!” to others that tested my patience, and didn’t quite get that I’ll continue to try and work on.

Further rabbit hole: it got me into exploring ways I could try and make my own fixed axle yoyos with the limited tools at my disposal. A decent fixie will eventually come.


Just wanna say I had so much fun!! Really fun tricks and having prizes was a great incentive to push myself to learn the more difficult tricks and improve. Thank you so much Yoyo boomer club for running the event and everyone that made that happen! Also thank you so much to the event sponsors!


I don’t know what it looked like “behind the curtain”, but from out here everything seemed to run really smoothly! Especially considering how new the group is. Well done, all.

Good balance of doable and difficult. I had a lot of fun with it, and I feel like I progressed through the month. I never thought I’d be throwing a cheap Butterfixie everyday for a whole month, let alone tossing a counterweight on it for the last week!

Thank you. :yo-yo::beers:

[ edit: For as much fun as I had, I’m really looking forward to going back to a bearing! Bring on MRM! ]


Oh, I’ll also add … I’d consider moving the posting deadline to noon. The word Midnight has caused some confusion for a lot of people. You’d have to field a lot fewer questions with a noon deadline. Everyone knows where noon lands. :grin:


Thank you for this comment. We noticed this also. For MRM we have already adjusted to 11:59pm Thursday.


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Everyone involved did a stellar job. Personally, I was blown away. I hope I have more time to dedicate to MRM. It looks like it’s going to be a blast.