Reverse trapeze whip


I have way to much trouble with landing the reverse trapeze whip consistently. Do u guys have any advice?


Put the string over your index finger on your TH before you whip. Practice


Is that the one that’s a sideways plastic whip?

If so… do a sideways plastic whip. Haha!

Seriously, though.

And before too long, your body will just tell you, “OK, now that I can do it, I know it’ll be more comfortable if I just extend my forefinger instead of twisting my wrist to get the thumb in the right position…”. The transition to forefinger will be awkward for no more than a couple days, then it’ll be way more natural than doing a sideways plastic whip.

All of this presupposes that you are solid with plastic whips.


The thing is, if you didnt have to stick your finger out and catch with ur non throw hand, it would be easy. But thats the hard part for me


OK, I’m just misunderstanding the element, then. Sorry!


Appreciate it anyways! Thanks!