Reverse Spirit Bomb

Here’s a new trick for you guys. Yo-yo used is the Square Wheels Rex.

Nice! Name it Kaioken. (See what I did there?)

thats really smooth man!

Rocking the same shirt right now haha


Kris has been trying to do that for I don’t know how long.

That was so smooth, especially how you got into the mount. I need to know how to get into that mount like that. Nice job. :smiley:

Guy Wright has a similar version, which he showed me at 2011 Nats. He just gets in the reversed wrist mount differently, and actually dismounts the same way as you would doing regular Spirit Bomb.

Goes to show how untrained my eyes are for recognizing elements still. I’ve been hammering on classic Spirit Bomb for several weeks now (pretty consistent, finally!) and I don’t recognize what makes this a “reverse” of that. :frowning:

But it doesn’t really matter, I guess; you could have called it “Duck Soup for the Wandering Soul” and I would still say “cool trick, and smoothly demonstrated!”

I was asked if I would do a tutorial for a combo or trick of mine, and I think I may have to name it “Duck Soup for the Wandering Soul” if you don’t mind haha

As for the trick, it’s Spirit Bomb but mirrored/on the other side of the hand/reversed (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), super smooth.

All yours. When the trick becomes super-famous, people will just call it “Duck Soup”. :smiley: