Reverse Ninja Vanish

Does anyone know a tutorial, I can’t seem to find any?

There is no tutorial. Sorry, I made a thread about this already before, no tutorials. You just have to figure it out on your own. So, that’s about it. There is no tutorial, unless someone makes one right now.

it is just like normal ninja vanish except you land on the other string…

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ill make a tutorial tomarow.


when you do a ninja vanish hit the back string not the front
this could also be the one farthest from you depending wjhich way you are facing

What helped me was watching tyler severance’s bac freestyle a few times and watching the 5a may video for 5a ninja vanish. It helps to get a good couple angles at what is going on. Also if when doing it and you switch your hands across you can start to see what string you are supposed to hit for reverse ninja vanish. I was able to get after a day or two. Just take your time and practice. Good luck!

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I figured it out, all the help you guys are giving is very helpful, thanks, and sorry to jack your thread cameron. :-[

No Problem! :smiley:

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Quick visual that I cooked up since so little information exists on this trick.

Also, there’s probably an easier way to do this, but this is the simplest.

Picture 1-6:
Black dot represents fixed anchor. Think of it as your hand.
Red/blue/green represent parts of the string. I used this primarily to show where the string overlaps itself in which order.
Purple is the yoyo.
Blue with yellow lines is the part of the string that the yoyo is catching onto.
Arrows show direction. Curved arrows should direction on a dimensional scale. Straight = left/right, Curved = towards you/away from you

Picture 1:
This is what your normal Ninja Vanish should look like. Creating the loop in such a way that the yoyo in positioned in the middle helps catch it. Natural movements of the slack and off a normal breakaway will cause the loop to go left and the yoyo to go right. This aids the catching.

Picture 2:
Shows contact of the string without gravity.

Picture 3:
Shows finished product with gravity.

Picture 4:
Same motion with wrist. Aim the loop this time so that it forms on the left of the yoyo. Natural movements of the slack and off a normal breakaway will cause the loop to go left and the yoyo to go right. You don’t want this. Use the same Ninja Vanish wrist motion while moving your arm to the right.

Picture 5:
While you are grabbing the yoyo, move your left hand right and your right hand left. Arrows are changed to better represent the direction. If seen from a bird’s eye view, your hands would be making a counterclockwise oval.

Picture 6:
Shows finished product with gravity. Laziness resulted in taking Picture 3 and reversing it, but it should basically be the same. String should have a twist in it, only noteworthy when dismounting to trapeze.


Thank you sooooo much. I literally understand it soo well now and really know it. Thanks again and I can see you put some time and effort into that post. Thanks again so much for doing that. You described that better than I ever could. :wink:

Sorry to jack the thread, but I was trying to learn ninja vanish. I tried the trick, then I landed in sort of a double green triangle thingy. I was really blown away. Does anyone know how it went into a double green triangle?  Is this what you were talking about?

No, but very close. It happened again, I was trying to do Ninja Vanish and did the normal motion but it instead landed in a double green triangle. The DGT was not an actual, legitimate DGT, but it looked like one.

In the video, however, he did Ninja Vanish then it seemed like he tossed the GT into the air and caught a different loop.