Reverse Inverted Brent (RIB) Stole Slow Motion Yoyo Tutorial

Here’s my tutorial for reverese inverted brent stole. Filmed first-person point-of-view to make it easier to learn. If you have any comments, question, feedback, etc. just feel free to post. Thanks and hope you can use my tutorial to learn this trick!




I just watched and in like 30 seconds i nailed it twice. Thank you so much.

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Congrats! Yeah it’s actually not that difficult of a trick, you just need to see it a few times to start replicating it.

I have wanted to do this trick for a while. Thanks. I’ll let you know if I was able to get it.

I am so grateful. How you liking that supernova I sent you?

It’s good. Especially for fast combos.

Bump. I want more people to learn this trick!

I want to learn this trick (but I don’t think I’m good enough yet).

I watch this and the first thing I thought was CASCADE!!!

Are my eyes and brain just messing with me, or is it only necessary to do one whip around the yoyo rather than the 2 demonstrated?

Can you do a regular brent stole or hidemasa hook yet? If you can I’m sure you could learn this, because once you do, IMO it is easier to land consistently than other brent stole tricks. You just have to understand what is happening in midair to learn most whip tricks.

That’s a good question.
Yes, you can do one whip (intercepting the string before it completes a full revolution), but most of the time the string won’t have enough momentum to fold over, making it harder to land it. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

I, uh, can’t do those either. I guess I should probably learn them first.

For added fun, whip the string like you would a normal BS, but cancel it half way through and whip the string counterclockwise into a RIB Stole.

Yes! I was just doing those a few days ago, I call them fakie RIB stoles. :smiley: For me they’re the easiest way to a one whip RIB stole.

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Well, I actually thought up of this trick a couple of weeks ago, I came across it by accident when practicing my reverse hooks.

I was thinking of making a tutorial, since I’ve never seen the trick before.

Then I saw this and realized that I wasn’t so original after all. Thanks for the tutorial, it’s a fun trick. :slight_smile:

Sorry to burst your bubble.^
I hate it when that happens, thinking that you just made up something really cool and seeing it executed by someone else later…
Thanks for watching though! :slight_smile:

Last bump.

My next tutorial will be One and a half mount laceration! Stay tuned.

Update :

Got it!!! Lol

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I came back to look for this thread, because I finally got around to trying to learn it only to find that it’s not that hard once you figure out whats goin on.  This really helped me visualize what the string was doing, I can do it pretty consistently now, and it only took a few minutes to learn! ( pretend i didn’t miss the 2nd time)

Highly Recommend this video A++++++++++++++

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Don’t you own scissors or a string cutter? :wink: :wink:

Good work, mang! Those are some good RIBS…es…!