Cross arm GT whip

Sorry if there is an old topic for this trick. :wink: Well, can someone make a tutorial or give me a link? It would be very nice!

P.S The trick looks like: , the first one! :smiley:

There’s a ton of different whips for that. It think it’s a double reverse Ninja Vanish, but I don’t know of any tutorials. The best I can give you is a reverse Brent Stole, which is very similar. Here it is:

You’re talking about the first trick right?

That specific reverse brent stole does not have a tutorial or a slow motion. However, there is one that is very similar, the only change is that your arms are in a different position.

Here is a video of that brent stole in slow motion. Watch it a bit, soak up the idea, then have at it. :smiley:

@ 1:33 it starts

Know that this trick is not easy by any stretch and takes a good bit accuracy in comparison to brent stole. But, keep at it! You’ll get it down. After getting this, the one you see in the video will make more sense, and from there, you might be able to figure this one you posted out.

Good luck!

Thank you so much, DiscipleforChrist! =)

I learn this trick from this video ITS Around 5:00

just slow down the video and do the trick and the yoyo stopped and then do it and the yoyo is spinning

Thanks! I almost learn this trick, its not hard, but need some practice! :smiley: