Mr.Cherry's Reverse Brent Stole Help

I NEED to learn the reverse brent stole that Igor does at 4:59 so could some one please post a tutorial?

To do this trick, you want to know how to do a trick with an element of a Jade whip reversal, for example, hanging whip. Being that listed under your favorite tricks is “follow” this should be very easy.

Next you want to know how to do a reverse ninja vanish as shown here:

The last trick you want to know is
this is probably the most crucial part of learning the trick.

And of course, master the brent stole.

Now really, all you have to do is combine the reverse trapeze whip and the brent stole, this is easier when done in a jade whip combo because you already have the momentum.

That is really everything that you can say when describing it in words, if you have any issues, PM me.

And I am pretty sure, if don’t try what I said for a good three days, you will HAVE to PM me, this trick just really annoyed me. So as a great poet/philosopher said: Patience isn’t a virtue, it’s a nice thing to have.