Brent stole

Now that I’ve gotten my Brent stole down really well I’m wanting to learn variations but I can’t find any tutorials online. Can someone help me out?

Well, the only one that immediately comes to mind is a cross armed brent stole. Basically you just catch the yoyo with the other string coming around then the one you usually would. You should be able to do this by moving your throwhand forward more than how the trick is normally done.

reverse Brent Stole .

And there is one in particular that you might find to be the most challenging : Iwasawa Tower

Do you have any tutorials on these?

This is how i finally learned reverse:

Definitely easier as a double as seen in the vid than a single imo.

For the reverse Brent Stole , there are plenty of them on the web but for the Iwasawa tower … so far nil .


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