Reverse Brent Stole


Alright, I just can’t get this. I’ve been trying to learn it for probably 6 months, and I can do it, just not on command. Occasionally when trying to do a regular brent stole, I’ll do it by accident. Just yesterday I did it three times in a row, and I must have done it at least twice today. I do it all the time, I just don’t know how to get it when I want. I understand the concept too (I’m pretty sure at least). You’re hitting it with the other segment of string coming around than you normally would. I just don’t know how to make that happen. So, is it possible that I can get any help on this?



No, that is an Reverse Inverted Brent Stole, the video was just misnamed. The reverse brent stole is whipped around the same direction as the regular brent stole, you just land it sort of backwards:

The trick is to thrust your freehand forward when landing it, but this can sometimes land in a regular brent stole. I am kind of in the same boat as the OP not being able to do it “on command”. I think it has to do with the freehand, so try moving it differently to see what works best.


Correct, just figured if a reverse brent stole was what he was after that one is easier and looks more impressive so it was an option in case he wasn’t aware. As far as a proper reverse brent stole i too can only seem to do it accidentally, and i’m ok with that as i don’t find it to be a very good trick for viewers, but i would be curious of the mechanics behind it.

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As said you have to push your throw hand forward. It’s a very knacky thing… I can do it consistently but it took a lot of practice.


It’s just one of those tricks… :wink:
Yes I agree with you the mechanics behind it are special; hopefully someone will share if they discover a new way to land it more than just thrusting your hand forward and hoping that it lands in a reverse brent stole.