Brent Stole help

Hey guys, I’ve been able to land the Brent Stole trick for a couple of days now.

All is not well though, This album shows my problems. The first picture is how the trick should land, the second picture is usually how I end up. I just can’t see where I’m going wrong, I’ve tried slowing it down but the trick ends up correct and I cannot see how I go wrong, it seems the only time it happens is when I do it with a little haste to end off a combo.

Has anyone else over come this problem or is it just me being too hasty?

(I bet this has been asked alot, I just couldn’t find anything to do with my problem on a google search)

Well it looks like you’re consistently landing reverse Brent Stoles. Not sure how to correct it since I can only land RBSs on accident.

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hmm didn’t know that’s what I was doing, do you know of any tutorials for a combo or trick that involves it? I’d like to find a way to get out of it nicely rather than just slowly popping out of the loop.

Edit: I found this video once I found out what it’s called and figured out what I was doing wrong. On the other hand, could anyone tell me of any tutorials for the trick he does at the end of the video? (the headlock loop sort of thing.)

Not a lot, since Green Triangles are usually the ‘end’ of the trick. You could try a suicide.

It’s actually a crossed arm GT your landing. (Cross arms and pop it towards you to dismount.) just keep trying. Go slow and know exactly what you are doing. I learned this in 10 minutes and all I did was do exactly what the tutorial said. Look for the rethink yoyo tutorial for it.

I’m in the same situation. I only do those by accident. On the positive side, at least you can do them at will!

(I did just lay out my yoyo on my desk like you did to see how the string would have to move to land in a RBS, and it looks like the loop would have to flip in order to get to that point. Maybe you’re whipping too hard during that last part?)

I agree. Don’t rush the whipping motion. It doesn’t need to be as quick as you think. Try slowing down and pacing it. A ‘swift’ and fluid motion.

This one took me a while. It helps if you curl your finger quickly as you are performing the trick, it makes the loop thats supposed to be formed cleaner and the trick easier to catch. I sometimes land a reverse on accident, so if you see if lands like that cross your arms to make yourself look cool doing it! ;D (lol)

i just learned it to help remeber to put it around your stomach waist area and personally i move my hands away from each other so the whip will start and catch the yoyo due to lack of an area to land but thats just me

This! Just immediately notice when it’s reversed so you cross you arms quickly. Makes you look like you did it on purpose :slight_smile: