Return policy?

Ok so I bought a dm2 and threw it a couple of times. I noticed that the axle keeps gettin looser with each throw , and the response pad was slightly cracked. If I used it for some tricks can I still return it?
I found that dm2 wasn’t as good at 1a and 5a as the sever and was disappointed by the defects it has.
Can I return it and get a severe?

You can probably return it for a new dm2, but they wouldn’t give you a severe for it. I’m also not sure, but depending on which store you got it from, you could maybe get your money back.

If you got it from here you should have sent this as an email to them. This forum is run by the store. But not generally fallowed by the person’s who you want to talk with.

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I’m not usually a “read the stickies/use the search function/generic not very helpful response person” but there are “customer service” and “FAQ” links at the top of your screen that should provide you with a way to contact the appropriate person to answer your questions/concerns. I’m quite sure if you purchased a product that is not working properly they will assist you in returning it and issuing a refund, I’ve heard nothing but great things about YYE customer service.

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Contact the store. We’re just a bunch of know nothin’ kids here…

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There’s nothing wrong with it from what it sounds. Just replace the pads. DM2 is a good yoyo especially for beginners.

The loosening of the axle has concern. That is something I’d investigate, but could be as simple as not screwing the yoyo together properly.

Questions such as this should be directed to YoYoExpert’s contact link(available at the top of every single page) and NOT taken to the forum first.

Quote from the FAQ
An item I purchased broke? What can I do?
Many of the manufacturers do offer manufacturer warranties on products within 30 days of purchase. Of course this is limited to manufacturing defects and does not cover user damage. However we do pride ourselves on excellent customer service and will always assist you in trying to resolve the problem you are having and give the needed advice. Always feel free to contact us when something isn’t working correctly:”

To do returns, you have to learn a technique called “binding.” :wink:

Maybe you are but I’m certainly not!

I know how to bind, I wore thick gloves and screwed the axle, still got loosened, response bearing is noticeably cracked as I have another yyj yoyo with the same silicon response.
My wonders is that it says “unused products” but I technically used it.

I’m just joking with you. Sounds like you probably got a defect.

…anyway to see if it is broken, everyone has to use the yoyo… if you didn’t use it you couldn’t know if it is broken :slight_smile: