Rethinkyoyo contest entry.

For my trick Prometheus!

Comments?  Criticism?

Nice trick I’m going to try to learn it. Might be a bit advanced for me though.

Bump. :smiley:

Good job!!



Anyone learn?

I got it down. Awesome trick and nice tutorial. At first I thought the step by step went by too fast but I actually think it’s about perfect. Nice job. ;D

Good tutorial. I must ask though. Why did you name a trick after the good Titan?

Actually I didn’t

I named it after a song.

wowo! this trick is so… PRETTY!


Who voted no? :stuck_out_tongue:

that trick is so sick im gonna try to learn it.


Presumably someone who didn’t like it. ::slight_smile:

Great tutorial though - great trick too. I started learning it a couple of days ago but got distracted midway. I’ll have to finish it tonight.

Haha, just wondering. :stuck_out_tongue:


Inspired by the name of this trick, I just named my chopsticks combo Kronos.


And bump!

Ooga bu booga.