That trick is awesome…Shadowz for the win!! What is the name of that trick by the way?? You’re awesome!!


Epic trick! I will also be entering this competition. I thought I would do that wavey thing that I did in my FS at Ma States.


I really didn’t name it… It’s like a neck laceration. Sort of sounds violent. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Khent G) #5

LOL^^ Nice!

(Owen) #6

I’ll be enterenterenteratifing also.

Watch out guy, I have some good banger skills.

(now that just sounds plain dirty)

but I’m really just in it for the random drawing, because there is gonna be that one pro who does some Harold owens III bind that’ll steal the gold.

But you might win it Mann, good Job broseph


Very cool stuff here!!!


i thought you were bowing in the thumbnail, lol. Great trick dude, that was pretty sick.


Name for that trick is even better than I thought. Haha. I like the context of the video…so autumn too.


That would be cool to win. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope to be random drawn tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I love it outside right now.


Bump. :slight_smile:




Thanks a lot!

Means a ton coming from you!


Dude sweet trick. You gotta teach me that one.


But if you hit your head we’re going to see it! :wink:

Yeah, I’ll try to teach you. :smiley:


As for me, I’d better learn a regular laceration, before I use my neck :D.


Bump! :smiley:



(Owen) #19

look at mah Werrd banger entry mahnnn.

And umm, I guess free bump :wink:


Yeah, I saw it!

It’s awesome!!