Rethinkyoyo contest entry - [High Flyer]

Rethinkyoyo contest time! I actually filmed two more tricks that I was going to enter for the contest but I don’t think I’ll have time to edit them by the time the contest is over. College is a busy place. Make sure you check out my other tuts on my channel :slight_smile:

Tutorial 15

Tutorial 14

Tutorial 13

Tutorial 12

Tutorial 11

Tutorial 10

Tutorial 9

Tutorial 8 “Starship Enterprise”

Tutorial 7 “Guy Wright Trick”

Tutorial 6 “Fire is Fun”

Tutorial 5 “Houdini Tower”

Tutorial 4. “Black Tower”

Tutorial 3. “Organized Chaos”

Tutorial 2. “T”

Tutorial 1 "ladder slack


We right handed people seem to allways forget our lefy brothers…just remember since you said couter clockwise for the righties you also need to mention the direction for the lefties, especially if they are relly noob and the trick dosen’t work for them and that was the problem. Other than that, string visibility was good and good slow motion. Lighting was ok and everything was understood.

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Nice trick and tutorial!

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New Tut

Nice tuts! i always love seeing new tutorials :slight_smile:

New tutorial. What do you think?

just changed the name of this thread incase anyone is wondering

NEW TUT! Please comment

New tutorial comes out tomorrow. Learn “red clover” and Monorail/gondola first :smiley:

ANOTHER TUT. hera ya go :slight_smile:

Nice job, I’m gonna practice red clover more first. Keep up the good work!

Nice job, I’m gonna practice

New trick! Read first post

Just posted what I plan to do for the next 5 tuts. Also changed the name of the thread again

New tut! Its a Guy Wright inspired trick. Check it out!

Newest tutorial below. Let me know if you have any questions  ;D

New tutorial! Check it out

new tut! It’s for the tutorial contest. Check out the vid

I forgot to add this tutorial to the thread so here ya go :slight_smile: