Resurrecting a Twisted Trifecta :(


So, I’ve been playing my Glacier Express on a Twisted Trifecta the past month or so, and I recently noticed that its kind of snaggy/vibey. So while changing strings today, I gave the bearing a spin and noticed it felt kind of “grindy.” While the bearing spun and I held the yoyo half, I could feel the half vibrate a bit. So I decided to give it a clean.

So, I shook it in mineral spirits for 5 min, spun it on a pencil for 5 min, the usual. So, the good thing was that the yoyo played much smoother. The bad thing is that it was ridiculously responsive. I kept throwing it to get the bearing more dry (I’ve found that this helps), but nothing changed at all.

Anyways, the Twisted Trifecta is in with a pile of dead bearings that I’ve been keeping and I’m playing the Glacier Express with a flat 8-ball. It’s playing well again.

tl;dr: Tried cleaning a fancy curved bearing and didn’t work.

On to the question: Do you have any other tips on how I can bring this bearing back from the dead? I’ve pretty much lost hope on it. And yes, I get that the yoyo is smooth and that’s what matters. But it’s kind of irritating considering it’s a good bearing. Kind of a waste :frowning: I don’t have a can of air either.

(tl;dr = too long; didn’t read)


Try canned Super Lube, Dri Film.
It gives bearings a coat of lube that rejects dirt, and allows it to live longer than any lube I have tried prior. Do this to your future bearings.
Hate to say it, but if a bath + drying didn’t work, and if it is half as vibey as you said it was, it is scrap.


I’ll buy it from you for 3$?


When you say ‘grindy’ do you mean it sounds gritty?

If so then pop the shields and blow it out, might just be something in there.

If when you spin it, it sort of springs backward when it stops, then you most likely have a bent race or other non-serviceable issue.
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I find it takes more than 5 minutes for the mineral spirits to evaporate. I usually let it sit on a paper towel for 10-15 minutes, flip and repeat. Spin, blow out with compressed air.

Also, do the paper slip cleaning method, it might help pull out more impurities and grit that may be in the bearing.

Considering your results with 2 bearings are consistent after cleaning, I gotta question the cleaning method.