Responsiveness of YYJ hybrid response out of box?


just wondering how unresponsive YYJ yoyo’s with hybrid response are right out of the box?


um some sorta snag a bit but thats because tthey tighten the gap really tight when shiped so it doesnt fall a part. all u have to do is loosen the gap and they are better :slight_smile:


can you get them completely unresponsive out of box?


my hybrid hitman was terrible! i had sand the walls, o-ring, and made the gap kinda big it was horrible


I’m sure a clean bearing, shims, and a shaved oring would do the trick. But then it’s not “out of the box” anymore. ;D

(screamo) #6

Got my DM out of the box unresponsive.


Hmm. Whats the box for then, ehhh?

I got my DM out of the box responsive, and my Legacy unresponsive.

(JayVee) #8

I guess it sorta depends on the yo-yo itself. I got my DM pretty unresponsive, and that was a year ago. If you get a DM now, it would probably have the new YYJ SPEED Bearings, which I would guess is pretty unresponsive.


There good yoyo’s
I have one and they get tangled up loads but it’s still a good yoyo


If the gap is really tight then it might be a bit responsive so the best thing would be to check the gap before your first throw