I know this gets posted a lot but my BVM I just got in a trade is being responsive. I’ve cleaned my bearings and switched them all around and it still is playing very responsive. I also looked and the response isn’t protruding at all either. Anyone know what else I could try?

Try different bearings and make sure there isn’t anything in the bearing seat

Replace the response as well.

It seems to be working better after I swapped the KK ceramic from my 888x into it. The BVM uses flowable for stock response and it has a very nice silicone job on it. Don’t think that was it.

Check the bearing seat for nicks flaws or points. Make sure the Sili is not brand new, most “Just Siliconed” yoyos tend to be responsive for awhile. Use a Pin head amount of Thin Lube unless you run your bearings dry. Or just keep your KK in it. Make sure you use suggested cleaners and ECT. :wink: hope you solve your issue :wink:

clean it, lube it, use it.

He has a ceramic bearing in don’t lube.

I have a DM 2 and a center trac bearing and after I put flowable sili in my throw, it has become more repsonsive. I play with my bearing dry because even though I add thin viscosity lube, the bearing doesn’t seem to spin as long, so I started paper cleaning. Any help as to why my DM 2 is starting to be responsive? I would like to be able to practice plastic whip without it pulling up on me and hitting me in the hand.

I had the same problem. My solution was easy. Trade it for a fiesta XX. Haha

Well I like the DM 2, but I didn’t have this problem until I replaced the response with flowable sili and a new center trac bearing which I got about 2 weeks ago. I am also gunna be getting a POPstar and a dv888 soon as well.

fresh silicone generally has a bit of a break in period, like when you lube a bearing. After a little use though, it should be at the perfect level of unresponsiveness.

yeah, even the stock return on my DM2 played responsively for a while.