Responsive Horizon?


For Christmas, my friend got a Horizon of off Amazon and he told me it came responsive. Any thing to help?

(ZAC) #3

It’s probably got a junk bearing in it. I bought a Shutter from Amazon before I discovered Yoyoexpert. It had a bearing that was locked up out the gate. I would recommend cleaning the bearing. However, I ended up having to buy a new bearing for my Shutter.

(Ken) #5

Run it through high pressure tap water and wipe it with a paper towel. Then quickly lube it and do a super hard throw to let the lube filter out the water and prevent rusting. That’s how I clean my bearing. It’s one the fastest and one of the most effective method to use. Might sound strange or scary but it really works well for cleaning and lubing bearings (other than the pressurized air method of course).

(ZAC) #6

That does sound strange to me. How can the water on the inside of the bearing filter out if it is on the yoyo?
I have never tried this method so I really don’t know, but I would imagine this could cause surface rust.
Personally I always do a mineral spirits soak.

(Ken) #7

Lube separates the water from the surface from the bearing so water cannot make physical contact with the bearing. After an hour, the water will evaporate and it’ll leave a tiny bit of lube in the bearing. I’ve used this on many of my bearings on the more expensive side of the spectrum so I’m pretty confident with it not rusting the bearing.


Wait what? No no no! This is bad advice! Use lighter fluid, acetone (nail polish remover), or isopropyl alcohol (99% ideally)!

(Ken) #9

I sounds really scary but it actually works really really well.


I really seriously feel this is straight up giving people bad advice. Water and steel? That is … not a good idea. It may work in the sense of “I put canola oil instead of motor oil in my car and hey look it still runs fine!” but… I just can’t get behind this as a long term life strategy.

(Ken) #11

I take the ends of paper towels and dab them on the balls of the bearing to soak up additional liquid inside, then apply the lube. I’ve never had a bearing rust before from this. You can try it right now if you have any locked up bearings. Trust me, it doesn’t rust the bearing at all.