Whenever I do like jade whip or sometimes if there’s to many raps the yoyo shoots up could tht be from the bearing or string or is it the response

Yes and no.

I find it is usually due to me doing something really wrong. Chances are in your case, since we’re talking too any wraps, it’s the response, as I’ve experienced that. In other cases, I’ll get sloppy and end up rubbing the string along the response pad and cause it to shoot up the string. The bearing can have a factor as well, but if your yoyo is dead unresponsive, it’s not the bearing.

Freshly lubed bearings can be a bit more responsive. New bearings can also be too responsive until broken in, even if cleaned first. Fresh response pads can be overly responsive until they break in a bit as well. Also, string thickness can make your layers take up more space too quick for you.