Response suggestions


So i was throwing my Yeah3 yesterday and the response decided to come out. Lucky enough it went back in, and is throwing ok. But I am ordering fresh pads Friday. What should i order? I’ve never really tried anything new. Like with my clyw’s or yyf’s ive always went back to what it came with. Any suggestions?


Go with what it came with most other pads won’t fit, i think. Now don’t order just the pads Friday its not worth the shipping cost go ahead and order some other stuff with it


Thanks! wasn’t sure on how things would fit or not. And yeah, I know with the shipping lol Probably going to get a shirt and a few strings


If you’re only ordering response pads, ask YYE to just stick it in an envelope and use a stamp. Maybe buy 2 sets. Otherwise, yeah, get other stuff and make it worth the shipping. That’s what I do.

Another thing to do if the pads aren’t worn out is a touch of contact cement would probably be what you need to hold that response pad in place.


I put flowable silicone in my Yeah3. The pads in mine seemed too thick - stick out past the aluminum. It’s been great with the silicone!


Silicone it, if you can. It will be cheaper for you


No, it won’t be cheaper. At least not initially.

But then when you silicone a second yoyo, you’ve made your money back. And you can probably do at least 15-20 MORE!!