Response pads

So i’m unsure as to what replacement pads to get for the Orion from String Theory Yoyos.

I just got some 19mm ir slims and they don’t fit (they’re too small I’m hardly getting any response, very loose binds).

Any suggestions?

just contact YYE they generally are able to tell you.

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the best suggestion i can give you is to get some of MonkeyFinger’s flowable silicone “Monkey Snot”
that way no matter what yoyo it is you have response ready.
you could also go to your local hardware and get some regular flowable silicone, but it will be alot harder to apply “monkey snot comes it a very usable syringe” and it also comes in pretty colors, were as your regular silicone will just be clear.

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Great idea! Thanks Abby!

One Drop Standard Flow Groove Pads should fit the Orion.