Response Pads.

I’ve never taken out response pads to change them or try new ones. I just bought the new Aqua pads from CLYW and I don’t really know how to take the hold ones out properly, so if anybody could tell me how or link me a video that would be amazing! Thanks for reading and helping!

Here is a good video on how-to.  If you don’t have a small screwdriver, a pin or tack works fine.

Anything that’s pointy. It’s just rubber. Just poke and pull up.

that’s what I do just find the pointy est I can find

Well if I put the title and description together, I think he’s trying to put snow tires on a DM2. Which won’t work. You need response pads that are made for YYJs

There is nothing here that makes us think he’s using a DM2.

I have a feeling he is using a CLYW, he has some BsT’s with CLYW’s and CLYW stickers.

Thanks everybody it was actually really simple!

Also I was using an Arctic Circle, I guess I could have been more clear.

We didn’t need to know.

I have no clue why jagmcool mentioned that ???

My bad haha. That guy was posting DM2 posts like crazy so I must have got them mixed up.

No he wasn’t. That was someone els -_-.

I didn’t mean it was him. I meant that the other guy was. Just drop it. It was my bad. Okay?