Response Pads for a-rt Dale?

Anyone know of pads that will fit the Dale? With there being no standard for D size response pads i was wondering if anyone knew of some that might fir the Dale, i know flowable is the obvious answer but pads would be nice.


We made pads for our D size bearing throws. It would depend on the inner and outer diameter of the pads that yo-yo uses.

The dimensions of our pads are 13mm ID x 19 mm OD.

The A-RT boys are pretty responsive on Instagram if you wanted to go straight to them.

Will give that a go thanks

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If I remember they used flowable silicone for the dale


Yeah they did, that’s why i was asking if any pads out there fit, ill silicone if i have to but pads are just easier


I prefer pads too . I feel like they last longer and bind better.



@RBT if this is the yoyo you are talking about, it seems that the pads we make might fit. I can send you a set to try out if you want.


I would recommend trying a pair of the G2 respawn pads, a pair of the El MiJo pads and a set of the Freshly Dirty pads to see which one fits best. the first two will ikely need to be trimmed in diameter to work (i would put the pad in, and then very carefuly use an exacto knife to trim the excess), but all 3 are different thicknesses so you can find one that fits flush hopefully.

Size D Response Pad by Freshly Dirty – YoYoExpert

El Mijo Parts by Zero Gravity Return Tops – YoYoExpert

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Left side - El MiJo Pads
Right side - Our standard D size pads

I think the ones on the right might fit

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Yeah that’s the one and as best i can tell without callipers 13mm ID x 19 mm OD seems very close.

I’m in the UK so shipping might be very high just for pads

No worries, I will mail them–it would take a couple of weeks at the most. DM your address


I believe the RSO Saturn Landing Pads will work great as well.

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Can confirm the 13mm ID x 19 mm OD pads fit with a bit of a recess and bind frat with fat/xl string