It found both upper and lower case for me, including the one you note.;params=YWR2YW5jZWR8J3wxfCJ8YnJkfCd8OXwifHNob3dfY29tcGxldGV8J3x8InxzdWJqZWN0X29ubHl8J3x8Inxzb3J0X2RpcnwnfGRlc2N8Inxzb3J0fCd8cmVsZXZhbmNlfCJ8c2VhcmNofCd8RGlldHo=;start=60

(scroll down about half way)


was looking at post that were more recent  thinking it would show up sooner since the thread was bumped but I guess the original post is still at that date :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, it looks at the individual post date, not the thread. Bumps don’t count.